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16901 GreetingCardMain

We love to craft, especially during Halloween! There’s nothing more fun than creating your own Halloween greeting card by hand. I love to make cards that look so involved and intricate but that really took me just minutes to create!

If you’re looking for a cute Halloween greeting card that takes no time at all, this is the one for you! You can get two cards out of one piece of large craft paper and make duplicates to send to family and friends. Here’s how! 

Supplies Needed 16901 GreetingCardSupplies

  • Black polka dot craft paper. This will be the main color of your card so choose any colored polka dot paper you want (I just love the black!)
  • White, orange and yellow craft paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Trick or Treat stamp
  • Ghost stamp or draw one freehand 
  • Black and white bakers twine 
  • Glue 


16901 Directions

  1. Cut your black polka dot craft paper in half the long way and fold in half. For each whole sheet of paper, you can make two cards out of it. 
  2. Cut a long piece of bakers twine and tie around top of card. You can use glue to paste it down. 
  3. Cut out a circle from your orange craft paper and paste to the front of the card. 
  4. Next, use a ghost stamp or freehand draw two various sized ghosts on white paper, cut out and paste on the front. 
  5. Using your Trick or Treat stamp, make a stamp on white paper, cut out and place on the front. 
  6. Cut out strips from your orange and yellow craft paper and glue onto white paper. Then, use scissors to cut out triangles so it looks like candy corn. 
  7. Glue those to the top of card to make it look like they’re hanging from the twine. 
  8. Play around with the layout of the card and create any artistic masterpiece you want! 


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