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DIY Holiday Gifts for Pets

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diy-holiday-gifts-for-pets'Tis the season of giving to those we love. Let’s not forget to include the family pets that bring joy to our lives, too! 

We all know that the holidays can be very expensive. After all the shopping is complete, there can be little money left over to treat our family pet to a gift. Many pets are family members in today’s homes and owners do not want to leave them out when we make our Holiday wish lists. Here are easy and inexpensive DIY holiday gifts for pets!

If you are looking to find the perfect holiday gift for your pet, look no further than this list. These gifts will ensure that your favorite pet is kept happy this holiday season and your budget stays on track.

dog-toy-ropeDog Chew Toy

If your dog loves to chew on a rope, you are in luck. Chew toys are incredibly easy to make and can be made from old, recycled t-shirts.


  • 2 old t-shirts
  • Scissors

Cut 12 1” strips of the old t-shirts, making the pieces about 17” long. Tie a knot at one end, then separate the strands by 3 groups of 4 and braid all the way down the rope. Tie the end of the rope to finish off and watch your dog enjoy chewing on this rope.

Bird Swing

If your beloved family pet is a bird, they will love this easy-to-make bird swing. Made of old shoe laces, bells, and plastic buttons, you can make it with pieces that you have lying around the house. Your bird will love to swing around on this and play with the pieces you choose for them.


  • 1 old shoelace
  • 5 wooden beads
  • 5 plastic buttons
  • 1 bell

Take your shoelace and knot the end of it. String the wooden beads, buttons and bell on to the shoe lace in the order you prefer. Tie the top end to the bird cage and watch them enjoy.

cat-toySock Fish Cat Toys 

We all know that we have stray socks waiting to find a match in our dresser drawers. If you have a cat you can use these lonely socks to make a great gift for your feline friend.


  • 5 stray socks
  • 5 milk jug rings
  • Cotton stuffing

Take your socks and stuff halfway with the cotton stuffing. Tie the end of the sock in the shape of a fish tail and fasten tightly. If you want to get creative, use felt to make eyes and a mouth. Package with the milk jug rings. Your cat will love these fish-inspired toys. Hang with string for your cat to try to catch the fish.

Quilted Pet Bed

Most dogs and cats love sleeping on a plush bed, but these luxuries can be quite pricy. Fortunately, you can make your pet a quilted bed that is stylish and inexpensive. You will like the quilted look and your pet will like a cozy place to rest.


  • Quilted fabric that measures the size of the bed you want to create
  • Stuffing

Start by measuring and outlining the size you want for the bed on the quilted fabric. Cut the fabric in two circular patterns. Join the ends of the two pieces, and sew halfway across, leaving a ½ inch of allowance.  Add the desired amount of stuffing, and then sew the remaining fabric around the outside.

These pet gifts for the holidays are easy to make and inexpensive. Most are gifts you can make from household items, making for a happy pet and a happy owner.

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