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Why Choose Hydroponics?

In the early 19th century, botanists determined that plants soak up their required nutrients through ions in water. They realized that in spite of soil basically serving  as a tank that stored mineral nutrients, the actual soil was not really necessary for the survival of the plant.  This understanding thereby opened up a whole new world to raising and nurturing vegetation.

The purpose behind hydroponic gardening is multi-faceted.  First, it yields a far better return on the amount and quality of plants that are grown. Secondly, hydroponics has made it possible to grow in areas that previous to this discovery, would've been impossible to cultivate.  This is due to many factors including:  the conditions of the environment, whether too harsh by drought or excessive wintery conditions; the difficulty of the locations such as a crowded city, offered little room to garden and include lack of workable soil or impossible surroundings for traditional gardening in soil.

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