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diy-gardening-giftSimple and creative last minute gift for the gardener in your life! 

In need of an easy and inexpensive gift for your favorite gardener? Summertime is the best time for cute garden shopping. Head to your local home goods store and buy the chicest looking water can. From there, all you need are either real flowers or packaged flower and herb seeds and tissue paper. If you are feeling extra creative, buy a plain watering can and draw or paint the outside.

This is also an awesome DIY project that your kids can help with! Using a plain watering can, have your kids decorate the outside with colorful permanent markers for grandma!


  • Watering can
  • Tissue paper 
  • Packaged seeded flowers and herbs or real flowers 


  • If you want to use real flowers, wrap a wet paper towel around the stems of the bouquet of flowers and place in the opening on the top of the watering can. Bring to your girlfriend’s or family member’s party as a gift or hostess present! 
  • If you want to use the seeds, first fill the inside of the can with the tissue paper. Feel free to use white or any matching color. 
  • When full, place one more piece of tissue inside and have it stick out a little. 
  • Then, take your packaged seeds of flowers or herbs and flare out in the opening, having it rest against the tissue paper. Voila! A simple, thoughtful gift for your favorite gardener! This gift idea would work even with gardening tools too, just add your own creative flair! 


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