diy-louboutins-painting-your-shoe-soles-redLouboutins Too Expensive? Women Go DIY on Louboutins!

Louboutin shoes are the favorites of celebrities such as Blake Lively and Victoria Beckham, but for the everday woman, these red sole shoes are just simply not in their budgets. Recently, women who want to replicate that glamorous, heels-with-red-soles look are turning to the DIY method, and creating their own Louboutin's for a fraction of the price. But, have these women gone too far?

Instead of purchasing real or fake Louboutins, women are now painting their own shoe soles red. That's right, DIY Louboutins! It’s apparently a trend that's catching on. And, even sales of red paint samples have shot up by 40 percent.


Christian Louboutin’s Red-Soled Shoes

So, what started the Louboutin high heels with red soles look that has become iconic? It all started last minute backstage on a fashion show. The French designer spotted a pair of black heels, decided that they needed more energy, and painted the soles red with an assistant’s red nail polish. Thus, the red bottom shoe was born, and is a look that others have tried to replicate. However, Louboutin has been famously protective of his shoes with red soles.

Louboutin sued Zara, a Spanish brand, in 2008 and claimed that their open-toed shoe with red soles stole his style. A French court, though, ruled that the Zara red-soled shoe could not be confused with the way more expensive Louboutin brand. He has also accused Yves Saint Laurent of stealing the heels with red soles style, and filed a lawsuit that went to the U.S. as a high-appeal case. The verdict of that isn’t out yet.

DIY Louboutins: Have Women Gone Too Far for the Red-Sole Shoe?

Women everywhere are testing the limits when it comes to working high-fashion design into their wardrobes. From handbags to watches, but now Loboutins?  Here is how they are doing their own DIY Louboutins. 

1. THEY CHOOSE A DIY SOLE COLOR: Women wanting to recreate Louboutins themselves are going to a local home improvement store and choosing a vibrant color like "Flame" or "Show Stopper." According to reports, sales of small tester pots of red paint have skyrocketed. So, a smaller can of paint seems to be doing the job to cover the soles red.

2. COVERING THE SHOE: Women are covering the body of the shoe with something like plastic or tape to prevent red paint from getting on the rest of the shoe. Because of course, it will be obvious that your red bottom shoes are fake if that happens.

3. PAINTING: Women are using a small, thin brush to be precise with shoes with red soles. And, like you would with a wall, they are using a multi-purpose primer on the red soles. This apparently makes the DIY Louboutins look polished and sophisticated.

4. DRYING THEIR PRIZE: The last step is letting the black (or any other color) heels with red soles dry overnight. Then, replicaters are using a surface sealer to make the color last.

Buyers Beware

Of course, the sale and distribution of counterfeit goods is striclty prohibited by law.  However, this has not stopped many enterprising crooks from cashing in on fake designer products.  Loboutins have joined the ranks of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Burberry as a new favorite in fake design.  So, buyers beware and remember, if a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is.

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