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Screen Shot 2018 04 24 at 12.39.19 PM CroppedLooking for a unique last minute gift idea this Mother's Day, and want the little ones to help out? Break out the paints and those cute little fingers and toes, and make mom a beautiful painted picture!

Instead of taking the kids shopping for mom this Mother's Day, have them make something from the heart! Get those creative juices flowing with this DIY Finger Painting Picture! Pull out the acrylic paint, lay out the newspaper and grab some construction paper, because it's time to make mom a beautiful homemade creation.

Finger Painting Picture Ideas

Not sure what to make for that finger-painting creation? Maybe these few ideas can help.

  • Hand Flowers: Have the kids dip their whole hand inside bright colors, such as red, pink, yellow or purple, and have them place their hand (or multiple hands) on the paper. Once dried, cut out construction paper or use markers to create the flowery scene!
  • Feet Butterflies: The shape of feet work perfectly as wings for the butterfly! Place the dipped feet on the paper on the opposite side in which the feet regularly go. This will create a long center line that will be perfect to draw in a body. The toes can serve as a cool design, so have the kids color in the in between spaces after the paint dries.


  • Thumb Trees: Before even finger painting, draw out a tree design without leaves. Then have the kids dip their thumbs in leafy colors and fill in those branches! Even have the kids place their thumbs below the tree to create some falling leaves. Mom will love to hang this during the fall season!
  • Rainbows: This can even serve as a learning experience for the kids! Have them create the rainbow without any help and see if they know the order of colors. Have them add some clouds, blue sky and a sun to complete the picture.
  • Animals: Both the hands and feet serve well for animal bodies, so have the kids create a creature based off their hand print! Some popular ones created are lobsters, ducks, and dinosaurs! No matter the animal, mom will love them all.

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