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diy-paint-the-rugFINALPaint a plain, old rug into a furniture piece you can brag about.

Are you tired of trying to move furniture around in an attempt to make your plain rug look less ugly? Being able to cover up stains or worn spots on a rug can be a daily task. So, create a pattern on it! 

Here are a few materials and easy steps to improve your feelings about the old rug. Check out our DIY paint the rug project


  • 1 medium thick poster sheet
  • 1 stencil design (these are easy to find on the web)
  • 1 worn rug
  • 1 can of upholstery paint (amount depends on size of rug)
  • 1 medium paintbrush or sponge brush
  • 1 bottle of paint thinner (in case you need to erase errors)
  • 1 pair of gloves and eyeglasses


  1. Vacuum old rug and lay it flat outside, if possible.
  2. Trace and cut out chosen stencil for the new rug.
  3. Lay the poster sheet down and make sure the sheet is flush with rug to create a seal to the fabric.
  4. Dab thoroughly inside the pattern lines as much as possible.
  5. Lift poster sheet directly up (do not slide).
  6. Move stencil in a repeated pattern or freeform design, as desired, and repeat spray.
  7. After the new pattern is completed, leave outside and air-dry to remove paint fumes.

Reasons Why a Patterned Rug is Better Than a Plain Rug

  • Stains are less noticeable
  • Design and color give the room a new compliment
  • Save over $500 from buying a custom designed rug at a furniture store
  • Recycling home furnishings are better for our planet
  • When someone asks where you got the beautiful rug, you are allowed to brag

This is a great way to make an old rug look fabulously brand new!

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