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iStock 160941933 CroppedFinish up the perfectly hosted birthday party with these fun DIY party favor ideas!

For some of us moms that love to get creative when hosting a kids birthday party, leaving with creative party favors is essential. Handing out party favors to our guests does not have to cost a lot of money, and they can still be creative! Here are give practical ideas for DIY party favors, depending on the type of party and occasion.

Homemade Bubbles

Pour homemade bubble solution into small containers. The best place to get small inexpensive disposable containers is a dollar store or a thrift store. You can personalize the containers with printed labels from your computer or even paint them with any color theme you use for your party. Use pipe cleaners for bubble wands by bending them, and affix them to the container with twine or colored string. Here is a recipe for homemade bubble solution.

  • Four and one half cups water
  • One half cup dish-washing liquid
  • Four tablespoons glycerin (you can get this at your pharmacy)

Honey and GranolaiStock 638872548 Cropped

This party favor works well with a "bee-themed" birthday party, a baby shower where gender is revealed or even an outdoor grilling party. Get your hands on some mason jars or even baby food jars, granola, honey, burlap, and small boxes. Pour the granola and honey into separate jars, wrap in the burlap or your choice of fabric and place in the boxes you have chosen. Include your favorite granola/honey recipe in the box. Decorate or use whichever boxes you prefer.

Personalized Potted Plants

Purchase small potted flowers or plants from your local dollar store or home improvement warehouse. Wrap them in the colorful paper of your choice, but typically the best type used includes wrapping paper or brown paper. Fold the paper around the pot neatly and secure with twine. You can personalize it for each guest with a tag and a lovely goodbye message.

S'more KitiStock 617893642

Take small plastic bags and layer s'more supplies with two graham crackers, squares of chocolate, and marshmallows. Dress up the bag by tying a colorful ribbon at the top. You can attach a tag to the bag with a creative saying such as, "sending you home with "s'more fun." If you're having a bonfire that night, or even a fire in your fireplace, guests can also use these as a nice little dessert towards the end of the party. Plus the kids love this tasty treat!

Candy Tubes

Take empty toilet paper tubes and wrap them in ornate paper, using scotch tape at the seam. Be sure to leave about two inches of the paper on either end of the tube. Tie one end of the tube with ribbon. Fill the tube with candy, then tie the other side. And of course, you can get creative with labels that say names on the tubes.

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