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Here a few party ideas for your own DIY magic show party you can create right at home. Ever thought about creating a themed party like a magic show party for the boys or a group of kids? This DIY party idea is perfect for a boys' party or children’s party. 

Magic Show Themed Party

Who doesn't enjoy a magic show? The mystery, surprising elements, tricks, and treats are all fun. Create your own magic show using themed magic labels with kids names to place inside cupcakes. Here are a few other ways to incorporate the magic show theme into a party and ways to decorate.

Party Accessories

  • Slinkies
  • Top hats
  • Hand of cards
  • Magic wand
  • Mustache cue cards
  • Yoyos
  • Furry rabbit ears
  • Chocolate cupcakes with whipped butter cream frosting

Perform of your favorite card tricks or have the family magician do a number to entertain the kids. Have fun!

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