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DIY Pinecone Centerpiece VIDEO

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diy-pinecone-centerpiece-video‘Tis the season to be creative and this festive DIY centerpiece is a perfect way to start!

Lifestyle expert Andrea Metcalf has a fun and easy step-by-step idea for making your own DIY pinecone centerpiece. Wow your holiday party guests with this gorgeous and festive decoration. This is a perfect project for your kids too!


Head to your nearest forest or nature preserve, take a nice walk with your kids, and gather up some pinecones. Get ready to create this amazing centerpiece! Make a few for the different tables in your house!

Pinecone Centerpiece 

What You’ll Need

  • A foam form in the shape of a tree. You can buy this at any craft store.
  • Pinecones. Feel free to buy these at a craft store but the fun part is going outside with your family to gather them! 
  • Brown paper. 
  • Hot glue gun. Parents should be in charge of this part! 
  • Cranberries for a little color. 


  1. Add glue to the back of the paper.
  2. Wrap the paper around the foam tree.
  3. Cut off the extra and add to any bare areas.
  4. Begin gluing the pinecones to the tree, starting at the bottom.
  5. Glue some cranberries to the pinecones to give it a touch of color.
  6. Let dry and get ready to flaunt your new pinecone centerpiece!
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