Whether your beauty budget is squeezed or time won't allow for a salon visit, dealing with root re-growth can be done at home. Prolong the life of your colored hair, or cover up grays with these DIY root touch-up instructions.


The Dye

Had your color professionally done? Many salons are happy to provide regular clients with a small sample of color to touch up roots at home between visits – so be sure to ask your color technician if they offer this service. If you previously dyed your hair at home, check out the manufacturer's product line as many now sell root touch-up kits that contain a smaller amount of dye along with a color brush for easy application. Can't remember which color you originally used? Look out for a color that's one tone lighter at the drugstore than you think you are. Most formulas tend to turn out slightly darker than they promise.

The Application

After mixing the color together in plastic bowl, it's time to get to work. Using a color brush, coat your roots in the dye and leave to sit for the time stated on the instructions. Five minutes before it's time to remove the dye, comb the mixture down to the ends of your hair before washing. This will help to seamlessly blend the color. Shampoo and condition with products formulated for color-treated hair to keep your strands soft and replenish moisture that dye can strip.

Tip To Remember

Always do a patch test before using an at-home dye kit. Even if you have used the brand before, nasty reactions can still happen so it isn't worth taking the risk. Apply a dab of color behind your ear 24 hours before using the color. If you don't have a reaction or redness, go ahead and apply to your roots.

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