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diy-transformation-christmas-tin-to-pet-food-canisterTransform that tin you got for Christmas into a designer pet food canister.

Need something new to store your pet's food in? Great! We've got just the idea for you just in time for the holidays. And, if you've run out of gift ideas for your pets, here's one for you we sure can double as a gift for you, too.

It’s sometimes hard to find big enough containers for pet food. It can be even harder trying to find something that looks nice or even cute sitting in the corner next to the cabinet or dog bowl. You can design and decorate Christmas tins or popcorn tins into pet food canisters that won’t be an eye sore. If this is something you’re interested in, here’s how to make pet food canisters out of tins. Thank us later!

157626104Be advised, that the amount of materials and font sizes for the letters you’ll need will depend on how large your tin is and how much pet food you want to store for each pet. A dog that eats a lot of heartier food will need a much larger tin than that of a cat or puppy.

Materials Needed

  • Christmas tin/popcorn tin
  • Spray paint in any color
  • Vinyl or letter stickers (large)
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Paw print stickers (for whatever pet you have)


  1. Cover the tin and its top with the spray paint color of your choice.
  2. Let it dry completely.
  3. Once dry, stick either your pet’s name or ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ on the container’s side. Choose a simple, bold, and big font so that it’s readable from afar.
  4. Under your pet’s name or ‘dog’ or ‘cat,’ stick the word ‘food.’ Choose a fancier font.
  5. Stick the paw print at the center of the tin top.
  6. Take the ribbon and measure it around the tin top.
  7. Cut the ribbon to where it fits fully around the tin top.
  8. Dot the glue gun on one side of the ribbon as you place it on the tin’s top. Gluing as you go will prevent glue from getting every where and to make sure the ribbon is tight.
  9. Let the ribbon dry completely before placing any food inside the container.

Your pet can now eat in style with his or her new pet food storage container.

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