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Add a dash of panache to your garden with this perfect summer DIY project! 

During the summer, there are garage sales on every corner. Cruise on by them and look for an old wooden chair with a wicker bottom or with a bottom that you can easily remove and insert a potted plant. Follow my instructions and you can jazz up the look of your garden with a unique DIY wicker chair flowerpot holder. 

This DIY project offers a rustic look to enhance the look of your garden. For an even more glam look, look for a white wooden chair that you can paint or leave blank and let the flowers and green take over. 


What You’ll Need 

  • Old wooden chair with wicker seat or with a seat that you can easily remove
  • Large potted flower 
  • Retractable blade 
  • Optional: Spray paint or paint to custom design your chair 



  1. Use a retractable blade to cut out the wicker seat of your wooden chair. 
  2. Smooth out the edges. 
  3. Take a large potted flower, one that is a little wider than the opening of the side, and place inside. Voila! Instant garden décor! 
  4. Place in your front or backyard garden for a rustic chic look! 
  5. If you want to turn this into a family project, buy a white chair and have the kids paint a design on the chair! Give your kids their own little section of your garden where they can keep their new painted chair and a few plants. A children’s garden is the perfect family project for the summer. Not only does it get them out of those but also they’ll care for the plants and learn some responsibility to boot! 


Photo Credit: April Schallau

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