do-blondes-really-have-more-funIt’s the classic question: Do blondes or brunettes have more fun?

Do blondes have more fun? Or brunettes? There seems to be a consensus that blondes get more attention and therefore have more fun than brunettes. But, have you ever tested this theory? I have, and found some pretty interesting data.

Testing if Blondes Have More Fun

Three years ago, I started losing my hair at a rapid rate. I had very long hair and within just 48 hours, it was all gone and had totally fallen out. Doctors had theories about what had happened and determined that it was either due to a hairloss condition called Alopecia, because of hormonal issues, or because I was allergic to wheat and gluten.

Now, it’s three years later and my hair has totally grown back. It is long and 'like normal' again. But, during those three years, I had no hair, so I wore wigs. Of course my condition was alarming and hard to deal with, but I figured, why not have some fun with it. So, I bought different wigs. One was long and blonde, another was long and brown, one had bangs, etc. I felt confident, sexy and it was fun to be someone else for a night. 

I decided to test the question: Do blondes really have more fun?

I wore a long blonde wig one night to a bar and a long brunette wig another night. 

The Results 

As any woman knows, whether you’re blonde, brunette, tall, short, pink or purple, men at bars will hit on you.

I kept my personality the same each night. I was bubbly and fun. I got attention with both wigs on, but I must admit, when I was blonde, I got more stares, phone numbers and more guys wanted to talk to me. They asked more intimate questions about if I had a boyfriend, how hot my clothes were and asked what I am doing the rest of the night. 

When I was a brunette, I did get hit on, but the conversations with the men were much more mature. They asked about what I do for a living, where I went to college and other more appropriate questions. 

So, in conclusion, blondes and brunettes have fun, but different kinds of fun.

Try the test for yourself and see if blondes have more fun. Be a blonde if you want a loose, fun evening. Be a brunette if you want a more mature night. No matter the hair color, the men will stare at your chest. After all, they are men. 

I wonder what kind of fun red heads have?

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