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do-computers-cause-lack-of-sleepLights From Televisions And Laptops Linked To Lack Of Sleep.

Sleep disorders often arise in teenagers, and the lack of sleep can have a really negative effect on overall health. The question is what causes lack of sleep? While there are several components that can negatively disrupt sleep and lead to poor sleep health, experts explain that a major factor is light in the night. Whether this light in the night comes from actual lamps, streetlamps, or electronics, experts explain that a large majority of sleep disorders can be linked directly to light in the night. 

Computers, Phones, and TV Causing Lack of Sleep

While it can be hard to control the lights from outside your home, taking a laptop to bed or sleeping with the television on can be the main culprit linked to lack of sleep. In recent studies, animals that were exposed to light for 24 hours a day were at a much higher risk of developing cancer. While experts aren’t certain if the cancer is caused solely by the light or by overall poor health resulting from lack of sleep, the consensus is the same: your bedroom should be totally dark at night. 

Sleeping with the TV On- A Bad Idea? 

Teenagers and children are especially vulnerable to the negative effects that lack of sleep can have on the body. Electronics emit a lot of blue light, which has been proven to shut down melatonin production and lead to disruptive sleep.  Lack of sleep can lead to grave health issues very quickly. After two days of too little sleep the human body is already suffering from the negative effects that lack of sleep causes. Sleep health is especially important for children and teenagers because their bodies are still growing and developing and in dire need of the restoration that enough sleep provides. 

What Causes Lack Of Sleep?

The answer to curing sleep disorders might lie in figuring out what causes lack of sleep. There are countless reasons you or your children might be suffering from lack of sleep but these common causes of lack of sleep are often seen in sleep disorders. 

  • Excess caffeine intake- allowing teens and kids to have a lot of caffeine will most likely lead to serious sleep disorders and will moat likely effect sleep and health. 
  • Light in the night- whether the light in the night comes from lamps, televisions or computers lights in the night will make it more difficult to produce enough melatonin. 
  • Uncomfortable sleeping conditions- warm temperatures, loud and noisy bedrooms, and hectic bedrooms can lead to a teenager’s inability to sleep. 

Ensuring that your children and teenagers get enough sleep is such an important component to keep your kids healthy. Ensure that computer screens, television sets and bright light are turned off thirty minutes before bedtime.

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