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do-it-yourself-landscapingLandscaping Tips and Tricks

It seems that for some of us, landscaping is last on the priority list.  But there are ways to landscape your yard without breaking the pocketbook.  The yard is the first thing a guest sees when they pull up into your driveway.  And the back yard is the first thing we see when we look out our patio doors.  Tis the season to rethink our landscaping designs.  Spring is upon us and with spring comes the natural foliage, the ceramic pots that have lied dormant through the winter, and newly growing grass.  Here are some important considerations when deciding how to landscape your yard.

Landscaping Your Yard

There are many factors to consider when doing-it-yourself landscaping.  We need to think of how much we'd like to spend, our region's climate, our design preferences and what exactly we'll be doing in our yard.  But there are ways we can landscape that meets our standards without breaking the bank.

Design With the Whole Year In Mind

  • Include all the four seasons in your landscaping.  If you live in the desert and have few seasons, pick your favorite plants and sprinkle your back yard with color.  We want to shoot for something beautiful in the yard, no matter the season.  Talk with your horticulturalist and glean their information when designing your yard.

Plant Flowers In Rows

  • he goal is to have a back row of flowers with the larger plants, a middle row with slightly shorter plants and a front row with even smallest plants.  Create a pattern that you repeat for continuity.

Use Plants and Trees for Balance

  • color.  But don't forget about the greens.  Green is a calm, relaxing color and there are several shades of greens when it comes to trees or shrubs.  And let's face it:  all climates have some form of green in them. 

Consider Using Flowers that Thrive Year-Round

  • Seasonal flowers look great, but are short-lived, leaving a flower bed empty during different seasons and leaving a lackluster look. Annuals will keep your yard looking colorful even when you can't get to it, and save you time in the long run.

Don't Forget Non-Plant Decor Items

  • Now we're not talking about those fake animals we sometimes see cluttered on people's lawns.  We're talking about creative pots, vases, water fountains and anything else you think will spice it up but is not a plant.  Use rocks, wood chips or other decorative items we see while shopping to enhance the attractiveness of your lawn.

Consider Adding Water

  • ater fountains are pretty simple to install.  And your friendly Home Depot man can tell you just how to do it.  And water fountains don't have to be expensive.  There is always to option of digging a small pond as well.  Talk to the experts and if you want to drop the cash, give it a shot!

Mix It Up

  • onder the texture of your decor, whether it be objects or the plants themselves.  Get creative in mixing up colors and textures for a great yard.  Check out what others have done and cater ideas to your tastes.

Consider Yard Maintenance

  • f you are a very busy person, when designing your yard remember that you want to keep the items low maintenance.  Or enlist your children to help out with keeping up the appearance.  It's always good for our buggers to get outside and enjoy the greenery and the sun.
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