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do-it-yourself-organic-gardeningWe've got some tips for the organic gardener. 

We all know organic foods are better for our families, but sometimes buying organic foods can be pricey. Vegetable gardening is an excellent stress reliever and many find comfort in caring for a garden. So, why not create an organic garden? You will still love caring for your garden and you will be able to grow your own organic foods! 

Do It Yourself Organic Vegetable Gardening 

The organic gardener knows all of the rules and guidelines to keep a vegetable garden an organic garden, but what about the new organic gardeners? Creating an organic garden isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, and the delicious organic foods you’ll grow will keep your family happy and healthy. 

Become A Do It Yourself Organic Gardener

Just a tip: The easiest way to begin your own organic garden is to create your own compost soil. 

  1. After you have created your garden, using the compost soil, you will need to go purchase certified organic plants. These can be found at most garden supply stores. 
  2. Before you plant your organic plants you will need to give them a thorough watering.
  3. Next, plant the garden plants in a specific manner so that similar plants grow next to one another. 
  4. After your organic garden plants are planted, spread a three-inch layer of organic mulch all over the garden. 
  5. Make sure you label all of the organic plants in your garden for easier use. 

Organic Foods And Organic Gardening 

That’s all it takes to become an organic gardener! If you plan on growing organic vegetables and organic plants for consumption by a large group of people, you might want to have your garden certified. There are agencies that can survey your garden to determine if it reaches organic garden regulations. 

Get out there and start growing those organic foods…we’re hungry!

Are you an organic gardener? Do you love growing your own organic vegetables and organic foods? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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