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do-you-have-brain-in-a-jar-syndrome-headerIf you view your job as 100 percent mental and 0 percent physical, take note!

A highly productive colleague once lamented, “I wish I could just be a brain in a jar.” That’s how many people whose lives revolve around thinking approach the body. If all you do is think, type, and talk...it’s easy to think that the rest of the body doesn’t matter when it comes to doing your job well.

But the fact is, if you’re not physically fit enough for a demanding job, you won’t be able to keep doing it. Forget being taken out of the office in an ambulance. I’m talking about just getting too tired, too run down, too ‘it’s not worth it’ to keep going.

Ultimately, your body could be your number one professional derailer. And you don’t want that. Nothing is more frustrating than hitting your professional peak mentally and then starting to break physically.

By thinking of your physical health as a derailer, you may be motivated to improve it at least to the point that it won’t derail you. This alone won't put on the path to becoming a great athlete, but you’ll ensure that your professional accomplishments can continue as long as you want them to.

Andrea Metcalf, fitness expert and creative exercise expert for busy people, has me realizing how exercise and being good at work go hand in hand. She’s part of my inspiration for #33minutes!

As I come up to the 33 day mark, I’m loving the way that #33minutes of basic exercise is making me aware of being not only a brain in a jar, but everything that goes with it!

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