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Do you have trouble sleeping? Are noise and outside disturbances keeping you awake? A new study may help you sleep better at night.

Although many people have turned to melatonin for help in sleeping, a new study has found that even with outside noise, melatonin with eye masks and ear plugs may provide a better strategy for sounder sleep.

The study looked at patients with sleep deprivation in the ICU of hospitals to help understand how to help patients get better rested while recovering. Sleep deprivation is a significant problem for patients in critical care units. Delirium occurs frequently in critically ill patients and has been associated with both short-term and long-term consequences. Efforts to decrease delirium prevalence was an important part of the study.

The study which was published in Critical Care discovered that patients who got sounder sleep healed faster than those that didn’t. This information can help anyone who has trouble sleeping. Whether it’s hormones, age or work-related sleep deprivation, adding a daily dose of melatonin and investing in simple ear plugs and mask can provide a better night’s rest. 

Do you have trouble sleeping? Would you try this?

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