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Your kids love sweet treats and snacks, but do those treats love them back? And perhaps more importantly, do you love them as a parent? That might depend on what kind of snacks your kids are eating, and the ingredients in their favorite snacks.

What's Actually In Your Kid's Favorite Snacks?

Really loving - or should we say trusting - what your kids are eating means knowing exactly what they are consuming when they grab their go-to snacks. For instance, a lot of popular kids' snacks contain high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, GMO ingredients, and other undesirable ingredients.

Of course, it all starts with looking at labels! Naturally, you want to stick to snacks that are made up of ingredients with names that you actually understand - not ultra-long chemical names, which usually mean that there are a lot of artificial flavors.

Nutrition facts are key as well, being that "high in calories" may not be a bad thing if those are healthy calories, like avocado or nuts (provided your child isn't allergic, of course). However, low calorie but high in vitamins is perhaps even better!

What Do You Want To See On Ingredient Labels?

Besides the obvious vitamins and nutrients, you should looks for snacks that are made with real, whole ingredients, especially fruit or veggies.

Furthermore, many of the easiest and most convenient snacks - yes, even the healthy ones - may be packaged in undesirable materials, such as plastics that contain BPA, for instance. Often the most desirable and convenient snack foods are the least desirable in terms of eco-friendly, kid-friendly packaging - so choose wisely!

What Should You Be Feeding Your Kids?

Obviously, your child should be eating healthy foods for a balanced diet, like fruits, veggies, protein, grains, and dairy. One item we love that doubles as a healthy option and a sweet treat are Del Monte Fruit Cup snacks. Made with real fruit - and real fruit juice - and sans a lot of the ingredients you try to avoid (like high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, GMO ingredients and BPA), this is a sweet yet healthy snack that kids and parents can agree on!



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