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do-you-workout-in-the-morning-middleAre you part of the morning workout cult?

Regular exercisers that I’ve met, and I’ve been meeting more of them since I started #33minutes, swear by working out in the morning. It’s like a religion to them. They told me the three things that they love about getting up with the sun and working their bodies out.

3 Biggest Morning Workout Praises:

  1. No Excuses. They love that no matter what, they’re going to get the workout in. No surprise dinner plans or having to stay late at the office. This is the biggest one.
  2. Energized. They love that they feel good the whole rest of the day. They feel good physically in their bodies since they’ve already gotten some exercise. It helps them feel more awake and ready to face the day.
  3. Prioritized Yourself. They feel virtuous. Like, no matter what else happens today, I did my good thing for me. I love that and I have to say I’m becoming a member of the cult of the morning workout.


Number one, no excuses, was my biggest reason and still is. But I’m starting to feel some of number two, energized, also. On the day that I didn’t do the workout in the morning, I really missed it all day long. I found myself looking forward to it.

I thought that I’d work in the morning and if I got far enough along, then I’d stop and go to a yoga class that I never have time for. Well, guess what? I didn’t have time for it. Then I thought I’d at least stop and get outside for a walk. It was a beautiful day so it looked very promising. But no. I ran out of time for that, too. I didn’t get my workout in until 9:30pm. It ended up not being a high energy workout. Instead it was a very relaxing savasana workout which was perfectly nice and definitely needed to happen. But it wasn’t the same as the morning workout.

I’m curious. Are you part of the cult of the morning workout? If so, why do you do it and what’s in it for you?

Let me know in the comments below!

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