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does-alcohol-affect-women-differently-than-menWomen and men are equal, except when it comes to alcohol.

A night out on the town can be glamorous or it can be disastrous, depending on how much your date has to drink. Remember to always keep your own limits in check while also considering how alcohol affects men and women differently.

Why are men able to drink more?

Besides a greater body mass index, men typically carry less fat. Since women are blessed with breasts and buttocks, its easier for alcohol to circulate throughout the blood stream as body fat cannot absorb booze. Additionally, the stomach enzyme dehydrogenase, an enzyme that breaks down alcohol, is more present in men. Because of this, women absorb more alcohol at a faster rate.

A woman's menstrual cycle also contributes to her body's alcohol metabolism, which can increase the impact of one, two, or three drinks.

glasses-of-wine-on-barTips to Avoid Over-Consumption of Alcohol

  • Don't participate in chugging contests
  • Sip your drinks and enjoy the aroma or flavor
  • Drink water in-between alcoholic drinks
  • Eat food while you drink. Foods high in protein will help slow the absorption of alcohol
  • Know your limit and only experiment with spouses or close friends

Health Risks

Since women are more susceptible to the physical consequences of drinking, they are also more vulnerable to health risks. According to helpguide.org, not only can excessive drinking lead to heart disease, breast cancer and liver damage, it also leads to osteoporosis and infertility.

Excessive alcohol consumption is also tied with episodes of sexual assault as it decreases one's ability to make decisions. Men can confuse a woman's friendly behavior for sexual interest while also misinterpreting their own use of coercion or force.

Seeking Help

While it's always important to enjoy life with the ones you love, it's even more important to maintain a healthy perspective about mind and body. If drinking causes you to “black out” or you feel the need to lie to others about your drinking problem, you might have a problem.

Try searching the internet for alcohol assistance options near you. If you don't have access to a computer speak with a doctor, counselor or church member.

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