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does_bundling_really_save_moneyUnfair and Deceptive Practices of Entertainment Carriers

Bundling: it seems like an easy way to save money. It also may seem like a very convenient way to have just one bill for your Cable, Internet, and even Phone services. But Does "Bundling" really save money on these services, or are you paying more then you should for services you may not actually want?

How to Check Your Cable Carrier's Billing for Accuracy

Bundling may seem like a great way to save money. The commercials for these types of services certainly make it sound like a great way to save you money. In fact, these commercials make it sound as if bundling is an economical idea. But once again, does bundling really save money? That's a good question. It may look like combining entertainment services is more cost effective, but think about this for minute. Maybe you are only looking for a great deal on cable TV and WIFI Internet, but some of these packages also require you get a digital phone as well. Do you really need the digital phone? There's a good chance you don't. Unless you already have all of the products required for the bundle, you may not be saving money.

Another thing that you need to look out for is introductory prices. In a few months, the price may go up dramatically. What about the service charges that can be thrown in on this great price? What about the installation cost? As boring as it may sound, you have to read the fine print. If you're looking at this bundle deal on the Internet, magnify your font to a larger size so you can read this very small printing where all these little surprises can be outlined. If you receive something in the mail advertising the deal, then get out a magnifying glass and read these conditions. Seriously, this is the place where all those little surprises such as the fact that the monthly rate will go up, the service charges, the installation charges and all other stuff will be stated.

So does bundling really save money, or is it just a deceptive practice that cable and satellite providers use to try to lure customers into buying more then they need to? It really does all depend on the type of deal, the actual agreement, and what the bundle includes. If you're already bundling your services, take the time to go over your bill. Some of us just pay the bill without thinking about it. Go over the numbers see if your are really saving money by bundling or if you are being deceived by your cable provider into believing this is a deal. 

Financial esperts advise creating your own bundle. For example, if you are looking for a great deal on WIFI Internet, then look at some of the providers, what they are charging per month, and what speeds they offer. The same with Cable TV; look at what your cable service has to offer, and even look at what the satellite providers are offering in the way of monthly charges, then decide what you want in the way of channels as well as how many TV's you want hooked up. Then of course there is the million dollar question: do you really need a digital phone or were you just taking one because it was included in the bundle price? Create your own bundle by going to your chosen service provider with the information you have gained. If you can get a better deal somewhere else, threaten to leave unless they match the lower rate. It costs a lot more to get a new customer than to keep an old one. Your current company will probably offer you a deal to get you to stay. This way, you can keep the convenience of just one bill for your services and still get a great deal. In the end, the power is in your hands as the customer, as long as you stay well informed.

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