Dont Be a Bum How to Look Fabulous While TravelingMake airport terminals and security check your runways with these traveling fashion and beauty tips. 

Unattached or flying solo? Who knows who you’ll make an impression on while catching up on work email while waiting to board. With fate, chance and the perfect look, you may just meet your soulmate on a plane. Traveling with your family to meet the in-laws? You’re going to need a flexible (and cute, of course) piece of armor for carrying the little ones. Or maybe you just want to look presentable while traveling – because it’s what you do as a respectable member of society. 

LMK-024948If you have any doubts about how to dress on a plane, here are four airplane fashion tips for staying pretty while moving between terminals and boarding flights.  

Basic Black Blazer


For the fashionable career gal, frequent and stressful cross-country traveling can wear on your appearance. A slim-fit classic black blazer can effortlessly pull together an outfit that's endured a long day of traveling. Throw on the blazer once you land to camouflage wrinkles and look presentable enough to go straight to a business lunch meeting. Bring along a bold chunky necklace to instantly add glam to your outfit.

Minimal Makeup

Yes, a traveling face is like a hungover face. Once freshly applied killer makeup becomes unsightly warpaint. Eyeliner smudges. Bronzer spotches. Chunky mascara. Subtle remnants of eyeshadow. Makeup aftermath can be an eyesore for fellow travelers, just as it can be for passersby during a walk of shame. 

Before a long travel day, apply makeup minimally. Lightly brush on your mineral makeup with a touch of blush and one swipe of mascara to both eyes. Forgo too much eye makeup, especially eyeliner, to avoid a smeary mess after nodding off en route. Carry oil absorbing sheets and cleansing face wipes to refreshen during a layover and once you land. 

Rock Layers

A layered look provides comfort and style versatility, especially while traveling from one time zone to another. Flying from New York to meet your Cali girls for a winter beach weekend getaway? Easily shed a sweater cardigan once you land. Mix and match casual clothes and dressier pieces (and accessories) to avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed. If black yoga pants are a must, then skip the zip-up hoodie and tennis shoes. You’re traveling, not heading to the gym.

Match the yoga pants with a brightly colored tank top and throw on an unbuttoned chambray and scarf. Even if you’re traveling to Costa Rica, save the flip flops for the beach. Your favorite pair of Vans sneakers or Tory Burch flats can stylishly and comfortably take you from Terminal A to Terminal B--and don't forget the sunglasses, ala Elizabeth Hurley (pictured at left). 

Messy Hair Don’t Care

After a day of flying from one city to another, your hair is going to endure indoor dry air and airborne germs. Most locks will be victimized by the airplane seat and flatten. Go for an intentional messy look with an air-dried, carefree style. Use volumizing hair spray or thickening lotion to help keep hair boosted and lifted. Tame fly-aways by messily pulling hair up with polka dot bobby pins or floral hair clips. 

Lastly, stay hydrated and eat healthy snacks, such as trail mix or a piece of fruit. Dehydration and feeling ravenous can cause moodiness and lethargy. Water and filling up on nutritious food can keep you feeling satisfied and looking bright-eyed.

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