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Nothing feels worse than jeans sagging to the floor or a blouse too tight around the bust. When that happens, many women will travel to the store for a refund or purchase a new piece entirely. However, there is an alternative that will not only save time and money but is also flattering. Alterations. 

Getting clothing altered, hemmed or even sewing on a new button can feel like a big task. But for fashion designer Marlene Franke of Marlene Atelier, altering a garment is fundamental for looking good.

Dont-Fear-The-TailorPhoto Credit: Marlene Atelier

According to Franke, many garments out in the retail world do not properly fit the majority of shoppers. “Everything we buy in the store is what we call ready to wear,” Franke told WomensForum. “So it’s all made in standard sizes… and then depending on the designer, the designers have their own interpretation of what that size is.”

This may not seem like a big deal for those who purchase throwaway clothing from discount department stores, but for shoppers who are spending more at stores, an improper fit can ruin the look.

Not many shoppers have the skills to adjust clothing to their body, so finding an expert is a must. Franke suggests visiting a tailor and asking them about their specialty. If there are not any tailors available, opt for a dry cleaner.

"...it’s about taking pride in your look. It doesn’t take but a minute to go to your tailor or dry cleaner to try on a pair of pants and have the hem dropped.”

For people who would like to learn the trade, there are a variety of opportunities right at their fingertips. Online websites and videos offer informal “how to’s” into altering clothes, and even public classes at community centers or libraries offer sewing courses.

Dont-Fear-The-Tailor-3Photo Credit: Marlene Atelier

So after finding an appropriate tailor or learning the trade, what is the best article of clothing to fix?

“Skirts are probably one of the easiest things to get altered.” Franke states. “Because you can alter the hem or alter the hips if it’s too big.”

Now for the worst? According to Franke it’s blazers, because of their complicated interiors.

Since many shoppers’ closets are filled with clothing for a variety of occasions, Franke suggests prioritizing and getting one’s professional attire fixed.

“Any sort of clothes that you’re going to be wearing for work, I think would be very, very worthwhile tailoring. Especially at work, you want to be presentable.”


And for those out there who feel like there is not enough time to have things altered, Franke says “Make time… I guess it’s about taking pride in your look. It doesn’t take but a minute to go to your tailor or dry cleaner to try on a pair of pants and have the hem dropped.”

With such information, anyone can be a powerhouse both in person and through their clothing. All it takes is a simple snip and stitch!

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