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As a fair warning readers, this story will horrify you, educate you and make you buy toothbrushes in a bulk! Many of us share a house with roommates, and a lot of us also share a bathroom. Well, that toothbrush you leave out while others go in and out of the bathroom may have someone else’s poop on it. Not exactly the 3D white smile you’re looking for. 

This new research isn’t just disgusting, it can make you very sick. Recent research found that most times it’s someone else’s fecal matter on your toothbrush. Researchers at Quinnipiac University examined 135 toothbrushes from college students who shared a bathroom with five people.

About 60 percent of the toothbrushes had fecal bacteria on them, even when the students washed them with mouthwash or hot water. There was also an 80 percent chance that the fecal matter found was not from the owner of the toothbrush. 

But how does that poo get from the toilet to your dental hygiene products? When a toilet is flushed, the fecal matter can actually get sprayed up to six feet, meaning it can land on a toothbrush! 

Even if you use a cover for your toothbrush, you could be causing more harm since it serves as a place for bacteria to grow. What’s your best option then? Place your toothbrush in a linen closet after use, or if you live with roommates, cover your toothbrush after each use and put in your own personal room. 

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