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dont-let-your-baby-teeth-on-these-itemsWhen your baby is teething, make sure you avoid these items.

It's normal for babies to start teething at 3 months old to a year old and when they do, you'll hear it! This can mean lots of crying, screaming and sobbing. So, when your baby is teething you'll look for anything to soothe the pain. When your looking at tips on teething, good advice for teething babies will also include a list of teething items to avoid.

Is Your Baby Teething?

  • Is your baby drooling excessively?
  • Do they have a cough or cold-like symptoms?
  • Are they putting their fingers in their mouth excessively?
  • Do they have a chin rash?
  • Are they gnawing on specific items for comfort?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, your baby might be teething. While there's plenty of research that suggests items to try while your toddler is teething, there are a few you should avoid.

Teething Items to Avoid

Anything Toxic

While this seems like a no-brainer toxic chemicals called BPAs have been found in hard plastic food containers, baby bottles in reusable cups. They've also been found in children's toys as well as the lining of canned infant formula. Avoid the toxicity of BPAs by checking for a “BPA Free” label when purchasing items at the store.



There are a number of pain relief medications available for children. Aspirin is NOT one of them. Giving aspirin to your toddler can increase their chances of developing Reyes Syndrome, an ailment that causes swelling in the liver and brain. While Reye's syndrome is rare, signs and symptoms include confusion or loss of consciousness.

Items That Could Break

Since your baby will be putting these items in his or her mouth, you need to make sure they are soft, yet sturdy enough to not break. Teething rings are great, but will they pop if the child chews too hard? What materials exist beneath an items rubbery surface. These are all questions to ask while considering what your child should teeth on.

For babies the teething period can be a difficult time so make sure your equipped with extra patience and love. An extra cuddle, a tight snuggle or a delicate kiss on the cheek is better than any teething items you can buy.

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