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Did you know that the office worker sits on the average for almost six hours a day!

And studies continue to show how this can effect mortality rates - sitting can kill you! The guys have it bad but it's worse for ladies. The sitting male is 20 percent more likely to die than men who don't, while ladies who sit for sit six hours a day are 40 percent more likely to die before their more active counterparts. 

The worst part is the only way to make this better is to stand up. Your weekly workouts will not help undue the damage from this glass bottom chair addiction.

9 Ways to Get Moving in the Office

  1. Print It: Send your printed documents to another work station. This forces you to get up and move to pick them up or hand deliver them to office co-workers instead of emailing them.
  2. Use an App: Set a timer on your computer or phone to buzz every thirty minutes, signaling you to stand up and stretch. There are also plenty of apps available designed to prompt individuals with a suggestion for a low-impact activity that takes between one to two minutes to complete, and is suitable to be completed at a desk or around the office.
  3. Hands Free: Use a headset or blue tooth for your calls. This allows a better position for you head and neck as well as frees up your hands and body to get up and move.
  4. Pacer Racer: Instead of sitting during conference calls, stand up and pace in your office. Every step counts in moving and it gets you up off your bottom line.
  5. Weight a Minute: Keep a small pair of hand weights under your desk and perform some bicep curls or tricep kickbacks while on a call. (Make sure you are standing while performing these moves. )
  6. Tree Pose: Stand up on one leg while answering the phone or on a conference call. This will help build inner thigh strength and tone your core as a bonus.
  7. Gal Time: Try to take a ten minute walk at lunch. Ask friends to join you for support. Incremental exercise of three ten minute walks has similar effects to walking a solid thirty minute walk.
  8. Balancing Act: Replace your desk chair with a stability ball. Sitting on a ball can engage your core and increase muscle stimulation so that muscles are consistently on call, burning calories as opposed to sitting in a desk chair.
  9. Take the Stairs: Take the stairs to get in a few extra steps and use the bathroom on the floor above or below yours.

These are nine simple things you can do to bump up your healthy and get out of your chair! Share your active office ideas with WomensForum on Twitter!

If you have any health or fitness related questions, please feel free to reach out on Facebook or email me directly at andrea@womensforum.com.

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