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Undoubtedly Mom has brought the subject up and wants to be involved.  So this is your big chance help her feel useful.  Just smile, shrug, and ask:  "What do I need for my dorm room?"   She'll be delighted to be consulted.  And with less than two months to go!  Now is perfect time to start working on absorbing a few of her fantastic interior decorating skills and begin exploring to find some cool dorm room ideas.

What Do I Need for My Dorm Room?

Let your imagination and personality be your muse when deciding on dorm room supplies, furniture and bedding ideas!  Besides for the next four semesters' the dorm room you've been assigned is going to be your home away from home!  Especially, if you find yourself moving out of state to go to college.  And for the nine months of the first school year,  all the eating, sleeping, studying and hanging out will be done right there!  So why not come up with a few fun dorm room decorating themes that  emulates your personal style since.  Just check out a few of these cool dorms room ideas we've came across and create your own dorm room decor!

Now before getting to far ahead there are a few important factors to consider when decorating your student dorm room!  One of the first things is the size of the room.  This is where making an effort to attend the student campus tour can work to your advantage!  It's always best to get heads up on how much room there will be and the level of creativity needed to transform dorm room comfortably.

The second factor and most important factor to consider is if you will be sharing your room.  If it's single occupant then let your imagination run wild!  But if you will be sharing the room another set of challenges can be expected.  Fun challenges.  You may already know who your roomie is going to be.  And you will want to confer before going too crazy with your own ideas, right?

Now for another important consideration:   "How much do I have to spend?"

Because, well, you can't have a tricked out dorm room without a little spending cash! Because.  Remember. Financial aid hasn't kicked in yet!

But don't worry.  We have some suggestions to help you get around spending a lot of money to get your dorm room in order.  Let's get started.

  • Dorm room bedding and accessories - There are tons of dorm room bedding ideas to choose from depending on the chosen color scheme and size of the bed you will inherit.  Generally, dorm room beds are affixed to a specific area of the room so you might want to also consider that when choosing your bedding.  Some of the more popular dorm rooms bedding schemes are abstract geometric shapes, pastel prints and animal prints. Or you could always go for the solid color scheme and bedding set, which is the least expensive and most practical choice starting out.  Throw in some cool coordinating accent pillows and you've got yourself a homey feel with style.
  • Dorm Room Furniture ideas - Given the fact that most dorm rooms are usually furnished with regulation bed, desk and built in closet and dresser drawers this can be pretty easy.  There may not be very much room for lots of furniture besides perhaps a computer chair and desk lamp.  But just in case there's enough room to throw in a bean bag or wicker chair in the corner and maybe a coat stand and/or wall unit, the possibilities are grand.  You might want to also consider a cool center rug to match the dorm room decor.  Again, in the case of shared dwelling space, consider waiting to buy these items once you've had a chance to feel out your roommate for her input.  There's a strong possibility she'll have some favorite things to bring or is willing to shop together with you and split the costs!
  • Dorm room wall decorations - Putting up a few pictures, posters, candle holders or a top vanity shelf for trinkets and trophies always makes a dorm room feel more like home!  Maybe spending a little time collecting favorite photos will be just the ticket to curing those pending homesick blues.  So while you are at that be sure to including some of family, pets, high school friends and summer vacations.  And head to a great discount store for the perfect frames to blend with your new home away from home.

Although there's still a little time left before fall college season begins, you don't want to wait until the last moment to start considering a few dorm room decorating ideas.  If you get started planning now, you can slowly collect items and save money to buy the cool dorm room furniture and bedding you really want once you arrive at school.

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