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double-your-workouts-with-andreaWater alone is not enough during a long workout. 

I receive many questions on Facebook and Twitter. This one comes in handy with many people trying to lose weight in the summer.  It's especially important to be hydrated, but water alone is not always enough.  Read what one Facebook client needed to know:

Nina: Hi, everyone! I'm so excited to complete my first Flirty in 30! Does anyone have any tips for getting through more than 1 class at a time? I'm trying to drink as much water as I can throughout the day, and I've drastically changed my eating habits over the last 2 weeks to get healthy. During my second class yesterday, I almost didn't think I could make it. More water to help with cramps? Thanks, and if anyone needs a workout buddy, give me a shout, I plan on being at FlirtyGirl a lot the next 30 days!! - feeling excited.

Andrea:  2 Things - Cramps occur from dehydration, which water can help but more importantly electrolyte imbalances of sodium and potassium. A snack like a coconut water (low in calories) can help with hydration and potassium, but lacks carbs and sodium. So, a gel or sport chews could be your best solution. Remember, when you workout for more than 90 minutes muscle glycogen drops significantly, so you'll want to make sure you add carbs and protein post workout. Congratulations on setting you goal and reaching for it!

Flirty Girl Fitness is an all women's fitness studio in Chicago that promoted 30 classes in 30 days for a free month of classes after completion. Many fitness clubs promote similar events which makes this a national opportunity to reach out and educate workout enthusiasts.

If you have any health or fitness related questions, please feel free to reach out on Facebook or email me directly at andrea@womensforum.com.

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