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doug-rauch-cooks-past-expiration-datesA grocery man from Trader Joe’s has big plans for Boston using expired foods.

There are places all over the world classified as food deserts. An area is known as a food desert when no grocery stores are available to gather simple ingredients such as a bunch of lettuce or a turnip. The only source of food is usually at a convenience store or fast food.

After discovering that billions of dollars of food is thrown away every year by grocery stores, Doug Rauch started up an idea to avoid the waste of food. He is recognized as the former president of Trader Joe’s.

Rauch's Plan: Urban Food Initiative

Rauch wants to educate grocery stores and the public that products are still safe just past expiration dates by providing meals to those in specific communities.

This idea involves creating dishes from these products before they are thrown out and charging a low price for the meals in food deserts, like Dorchester in Boston.

The goal of this first establishment in Boston will be to accommodate families who are hungry for nourishing meals but can’t afford them. Rauch hopes this will be the first kind of initiative that will spread to other communities like fire. He hopes to stop billions of more food from going into a landfill.

5 Ways To Stop Wasting Food In Your Pantry

  1. Donate to a local charity if you know you aren’t going to eat it anytime soon.
  2. Buy frozen vegetables instead of fresh if you never get through all that broccoli in a week.
  3. Buy in bulk at a local grocery store, where you can get the exact amount of paprika or salt you might need for a recipe.
  4. If you aren’t one to eat leftovers, knock on your neighbor’s door and ask if they have had dinner yet since you prepared too much.
  5. Freeze meats right away to preserve its freshness if you know you won’t have that beef until later in the week.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you think giving people expired food is safe? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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