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Maybe water bottles can time travel…

Downton Abbey, a show set in early 1900s-England, is catching flack for an error made in recently released promotional images. The photos were to promote the premiere of the PBS show's fifth season, and one image is certainly going viral. The cast found a humorous way to respond to criticism on the photo fail. 

The viral photo features Earl of Grantham, played by Hugh Bonneville and Lady Edith Crawley, played by Laura Carmichael, standing in front of a mantle... with a plastic water bottle on it. Once the photo hit the web, it began circling social media with fans poking fun at the historical error, and some wondering if it was a publicity stunt. 

The image has been circling social media with some fans poking fun at the historical error and others questioning if it was a publicity stunt. It quickly became a meme, with people having fun putting other incorrect items in the pic. 



Whether the error was prompted by the obviously thirsty production assistants scurrying around the photo shoot or if it is the show's way of introducing time travel to the plot is unclear. Maybe Doctor Who will make an appearance on the show!

The Downton Abbey cast had a fun and charitable way of coming back from all the criticism on the photo error. 




Barbara Frost, Chief Executive of WaterAid, was thankful for the kind gesture by the cast and show.

"It brought a really big smile to my face when the cast of Downton Abbey said that they wanted to support WaterAid’s work. How fantastic that the attention created over one water bottle ends up benefiting some of the world’s poorest communities through access to safe, clean water today.

Every pound and penny WaterAid receives will be matched by the UK Government, which means we can reach twice as many people with desperately needed clean water and sanitation."

Photo Credit: PBS/Instagram

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