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The dress teased above needs no introduction. By now, you've likely seen it shared on Twitter, posted to your Facebook newsfeed or had a friend or family member text it to you. 

And every post asks the same question: "What color is this dress?"

You'd think this would not be that intense of a question. You'd think people could view the dress, scoff at such a silly question and go on about their day. But oh no, the internet was all to ready to jump on this. 

For the small percentage who may not know what this dress is yet, let's have a quick recap. First things first, here is a full photo:


The start of this viral madness seems to have started on Tumblr, after the dress was photographed at a wedding on the Scottish island of Colonsay. A mamber of the wedding band was so frustrated by lack of agreement as to what color the dress is that she posted it to her Tumblr. 

Caitlin McNeill, a 21-year-old singer and guitarist whose Tumbler name is swiked, posted the pic asking "guys help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can't agree and we are freaking the ---- out."

"I was just looking for an answer because it was messing with my head," said McNeill.

The simple question of what color this dress appears to be soon became the base for widespread, viral chaos. Within a half hour of her posting the photo, it gained 500 likes and shares and quickly migrated to Buzzfeed, Facebook and Twitter. 

At a quick glance, my personal thought was the dress is white and gold. Upon further inspection, there have been some interesting finds.

When opening the photo above on Photoshop and using the eyedropper tool on several sections of the dress, the dress appears to be blue and brown, or more like a lavender and tan.  

Wired.com explained the mind-boggling reason why no one can agree on the color of the dress, saying this stems from "primal biology and the way human eyes and brains have evolved to see color in a sunlit world."

The dress is by Roman Originals and retails for $77 (£50) and is clearly listed as "Royal Blue" on the company website. If we take this into account, the photo posted to Tumblr could have had an excess of exposure, causing it to look white/gold instead of blue/black.

Roman Originals is only seeing one color though - green. The dress reportedly took a half hour to sell out online, and the company's website has about a million visits to the dress' page alone. 

"This is 100 percent not a marketing campaign by us, it came by complete surprise," Ian Johnson, creative manager of the dress' company, said. 

If you for any reason want to buy this dress, maybe keep it for Halloween this year as a throwback, Roman Originals reportedly was able to find some additional inventory and has been trying to fulfill orders. 

Either way, the dress is becoming both very popular and hated. One comment on the dress from Amazon said, "this dress made me lose all of my friends and now I am so lonely."

We have to ask... what color do you think the dress is? Share with us here and here.

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