Dress 10 Pounds ThinnerDressing to look thinner is easier than we may think. By choosing the right outfit combinations and clothing lengths you can look just as stunning as you feel. 

The clothing we choose to wear can make a big difference in how thin we look. Piling on the layers and wearing non form fitting clothes can make us feel and look larger than we are. Dressing 10 pounds thinner is actually easier than you may think; choosing the right color clothing and wearing the right clothing proportions can make a world of difference in how you look.

To add on to choosing the right pieces, feeling fabulous can be a deal breaker to an amazing outfit, after all we only look as good as we feel. If you feel great it will exude on the outside, making your outfit look even more fabulous. These clothing choices will make you look 10 pounds thinner area are sure way to feel as amazing as you look.

1. Choose Clothing with Length

If you like to wear bigger clothes, be sure to wear pieces that are lightweight and vertical. Long sweaters and cardigans can lengthen the look of your body without looking bulky. For a fashionable and lengthening outfit combination, pair lean skinny jeans with a t-shirt and a long vertical cardigan. Choose cardigans in darker colors for an even better look.

2. Dark Pants

Long, dark pants can make a world in difference in how you look and feel (see left). Opt for pants that skim your shoes and are dark navy or black to make your silhouette look longer. When choosing jeans choose boot cut, dark jeans, the flare on the bottom makes you look lean. Top off your dark jeans with longer top and a fitted jacket that will tuck your waist in all the right spots.

3. Empire Waist Dresses

When shopping for a must have dress; think empire waist. This specific style of dress slightly touches the stomach which is incredibly flattering. To cinch in your stomach even more look for a thicker belt that is a dark color. The belt will serve the same role as a corset, pulling in your tummy even more.

4. Cardigans and Sheer Tops

Let’s face it; most women don’t like the skin under their arms. No matter how many weights you may lift that area of our bodies never seems up to par. To help you feel better about your underarms, disguise them with a sheer top. Wearing a tank top with a long, sheer top over it creates a slimming illusion. You can also add a fitted cardigan over tanks for extra disguise.

Every woman and body shape is beautiful; the trick is knowing what to wear and feeling your best. Have fun with fashion and use it to minimize what makes you feel uncomfortable.


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