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16149-dressing-room-of-the-futurePhoto Credit: Ebay

Dressing rooms are infamous for putting shoppers in a bad mood. Who hasn't tried on clothing just because they didn’t want to see themselves in a poorly lit dressing room? Now retailers are addressing this problem with high tech mirrors that aim to better the shopping experience, and may convince buyers to purchase more.

According to Paco Underhill, a retail consultant interviewed by Dallas News, dressing rooms are “close to miserable.” He told the Dallas News that “there’s bad lighting. They’re dirty. And they have poor service.”

According to Underhill, only 28 percent of shoppers use a dressing room in retail stores. So with all of these odds against them, how are retailors making the change?

The Skinny Mirror

Dressing-Rooms-Of-The-Future-5Photo Credit: BNPS.Co.UK

Similar to those in fun houses, retailers have invested in optical illusion mirrors that aim to make shoppers appear thinner. The Skinny Mirror, a company based in California, creates curved mirrors that, they claim, will take 10 pounds of shoppers. It is believed that since shoppers look smaller, they will feel better about themselves and will purchase more. If that doesn’t seem to please, there’s a plethora of higher tech options.

The Selfie Mirror

Dressing-Rooms-Of-The-Future-4Photo Credit: Rent The Runway/WomensForum.com

E-commerce site Rent the Runway has created mirrors for their brick and mortar locations that aspire to make the shopping experience more personable. The store has become prominent for their formal and upscale clothing that makes a flattering dressing room a necessity.

Womensforum spoke with Dana Weiss of Possessionista.com and a spokesperson for Rent the Runway about the mirrors located in the dressing rooms that offer customizable lighting.

“You can adjust the lighting to see how you’re going to look in that color at that particular occasion," Weiss said. 

And if that isn’t enough, the store offers an interactive selfie mirror!

“My favorite thing is the selfie mirror. You stand there… you type in your email address, you press the button. And then it takes three pictures of you in the mirror so, you can see how your look translates to real life.”

The Personalized Mirror

Dressing-Rooms-Of-The-Future-2Photo Credit: Ebay

For certain retailers, mirrors are an opportunity to take their customers into the future. The most famous retailer to do this is American designer Rebecca Minkoff. Created in part with Ebay, Minkoff’s New York and San Francisco locations house high tech mirrors that aim to create the best shopping experience possible.

At each of the two locations, there is an oversized screen that shoppers can stand in front and digitally browse through merchandise. Also, the customers can receive texts when their dressing room is ready, and once they walk into the dressing room, the mirror can identify the items and display different variations of each piece.

Dressing-Rooms-Of-The-Future-3Photo Credit: Ebay

This technology doesn’t only work for clothing - the Panasonic Smart Mirror allows anyone to customize their makeup or facial hair without ever having to apply product on their face. For more about this mirror of the future, check out WF editor Andrea Metcalf’s review.

So the next time you use a dressing room, thank your mirror - don't fear it!

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