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For seasoned moms out there, purchasing the right clothing for their boys is a science. Not only does it have to look cool, it also has to fit and work with your child’s schedule. For first time parents out there who are discovering the confusing world of shopping for young boys, there are some mistakes out there that are easy to make when getting the right clothing for your little man. Because of this, it’s better to have some inside knowledge before venturing out and buying whatever seems right.

Womensforum sat down with seasoned mom Melissa Joan Hart, who not only buys boy’s fashion for her three sons but also designs them with her line, King of Harts. Here is what the actress/designer/mother takes into account when designing her line.

Reinforced Knees

Dressing-Your-Little-Boy-The-Easy-Way-jeanAn often overlooked feature in children’s wear - the reinforced knee is probably one of the most needed features in kidswear. The knees are often the hardest hit areas on a child’s clothing, especially when it comes to active boys. Even though holes in the knees are popular for older kids like teens, they aren’t the most functionable for young children.  

“The moms, they tell me, I just want the knees to stay. So [I] reinforced the knees on our Mason jean,” Melissa Joan Hart told us. And when moms speak, Melissa Joan listens!

Elastic Waistband


A great tool for kids when they’re infants and toddles, an elastic waistband is still a great for when they get older. More and more designers are including a stretchy waistband for boys ages between 6 and 12 because of their need for comfort.

“My kids don’t want to wear anything tight around their waist right now, when they’re in elementary school... so we make sure we put on an elastic waistband.”

Hart also notes that not only is it functional, it's also super comfy for the boys.

“The kids feel like they’re wearing sweatpants, but they’re wearing a cute pant!"

Size Tags


Parents for years have been cutting out the tags of kids clothing for years in hopes that it puts a stop to their constant scratching around their necks. For her line’s tees, Hart chose to forgo the cloth tags altogether to make the getting dressed routine much easier.

“We’re trying to take in consideration of everything, we don’t put tags in the clothes because the kids don’t like itchy tags. I know, my two year old has a big problem with that.”

Although parents often ensure comfy shoes, a warm jacket and properly fitting gym pants when shopping, it’s the little things that can cause the biggest problems. But don’t worry parents, Melissa Joan Hart has got you covered! 

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