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drink-beer-to-ward-off-getting-sickAccording to a new study, you can fight viruses that cause you to be sick with a nice brewski. 

According to sources, beer can actually help fight a virus that causes pneumonia. A study done by Sapporo Medical University found that the chemical compound humulone found in beer helps protect against respiratory syncytial virus.

Do you drink beer? Well, if you want to avoid getting sick, you may want to start! What did the study determine about beer and how much of it you have to drink to avoid getting sick? 

Beer Wards Off Pneumonia...

The study found that in order to get the benefits that beer can provide, you would have to drink about five sick-packs! The chemical compound that helps ward off sickness is what gives beer that bitter taste. Since there isn’t a ton of this chemical in beer, in total, you’d need around 30 cans to get the virus fighting benefits. Well, you’ll be nice, drunk and healthy.

The virus could cause pneumonia and breathing difficulties for toddlers and infants and for adults, causes less serious symptoms. Well, kids can’t drink beer! Please don’t give your kids beer to keep them healthy; we don’t need any drunken kids on the playground.

But, scientists say that they are in the talks of coming up with some sort of non-alcoholic product for kids so they could reap the benefits and ward off getting sick. 

Are you a beer drinker? What do you think of this study saying beer wards off getting sick? If scientists can come up with something safe for children, would you try it for your kids?

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