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Photo Credit: Dropcam Pro

 If you're a caregiver, you may find it hard to leave your home. You worry that you're family member under your care may need help, wander out of bed, or potentially fall and not know that it happened. How can you check-in while you're not home? 

Home monitoring devices and cameras can provide "real-time" video that streams to the web and even your phone. The latest system that tops "Tom's Guide" list, a consumer technology review site, has love for the DropCam Pro.  

This small poker-chip-sized camera can blend in either black or white colors to the corner of a room.  It's easy to set up and video picture has clear and consistent video quality. With their app, you can even communicate with the home if you see something that needs attention. However, the reviewer notes that speaker quality of the communication is weak.

The Dropcam video has a $99 year subscription fee or $9.95 per month to access the last 7 days of footage. To access 30 days of footage at a time,the fee ramps up to $29.95 per month or $299/year. But without any cost you can view the live feed at any time.

Simply viewing what's happening at home or anywhere you need to monitor someone is where this camera takes over. Dropcam is affordable under a $250 price point and network internet in your home is required. Watching them while you're away can grant you peace of mind as a caregiver. 

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