Dry Skin After Yeast Infection Solutions

Yeast is a type of fungus. Therefore, the topical medicines contain an anti-fungal agent which is just supposed to effect cell division in the fungus. These medications can leave the skin itchy and irritated. How your body reacts to a medicine is not something that anyone can predict. The side effects listed for each medicine are the most common ones that people experienced during studies.

The side effects may also depend on the location of the yeast infection. It is easier to dry out the area under the breasts or in skin folds just by using gauze to cover the topical yeast medicine. So, these areas don't require as much of the topical medicine, as long as they are kept dry. The vaginal area is practically impossible to get dry enough to stop the yeast from growing, so it takes a lot of medicine to get rid of the yeast. Using more medicine means that there is a higher chance of side effects. It also increases the chance that the side effects will be more severe.

There are also oral medicines for dry skin after yeast infections that a doctor can prescribe. Other side effects for oral medicines are a bit worse for most people, but it may take care of the dryness. For people who commonly have yeast infections, it would be worth it to try all the different medicines until the one with the least side effects is found.

If dry skin in the vaginal area is a problem after a yeast infection, don't use a douche to try to solve the problem. Right after a yeast infection, your body is still trying to get things back to normal. Douching causes a chemical imbalance which is why it can cause a yeast infection if used a lot. Also using a douche right after a yeast infection while the vaginal chemicals are still off balance can cause the yeast infection to come right back.

If you are having problems with excessive dryness and other side effects after a yeast infection, you should consider switching medicines. No matter what side effects are listed for a medicine. You could have any, all or none of the side effects. Your side effects are going to be based on how your body reacts to the medicine and they can be affected by other medicines that you are taking. Don't forget to talk to your doctor about side effects and find out what is best for you.

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