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In case you missed it... OxfordDictionary.com has added 1,000 new entries to their free online dictionary of English in their largest quarterly update ever.

Of course more than a few pop culture words snuck into the update including: duck face, man crush and jel (a shortened form of the word jealous). Some common texting abbreviations like IDC (I don’t care) and WTAF (what the actual f---) also made it in, along with some not so common abbreviations like MAMIL (middle-aged man in Lycra, pronounced like ‘mammal’).

There are a couple additions that are surprising due to the fact they weren’t already in the dictionary, such as five-second rule and queso.

New finance and business words continue to populate the dictionary’s many definitions. Crony capitalism (an economic system characterized by close relationships between business leaders and government officials), flash crash (a rapid decline in value on the Stock Exchange) and tech wreck (a collapse in the price of shares in high-tech industries) are a few new entries in that genre.

For those curious as to how new words are chosen to be added to the dictionary, it involved a lot of research and independent evidence gathered by editors. The Oxford Dictionaries blog further explains the process stating, "Each month, Oxford Dictionaries collects examples of around 150 million words in use from sources around the world, and adds these to the Oxford Corpus. The editors use this database to track and verify new and emerging word trends. Updates to OxfordDictionaries.com are published quarterly."

What words do you want to see added to the online dictionary next?

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