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stop smoking ecig
Although there are many ways to quit smoking, some have opted for the E-cigs as an option to stop smoking with a smokeless option. However whether you keep a journal of why you like smoking or quit cold turkey, E-cigs may not be a promising way to end your relationship with cigarettes.

Some research suggests they may be as effective as the patch, though a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine found that E-cig use didn't prompt people to change their smoking habit.  One year later, they weren't more likely to quit or even smoke less.

e-cigAnother caveat about E-cigs is the FDA does not regulate the ingredients in them and no plans are in place to do so. Do you really know what you’re inhaling into the body?

Until longer-term studies show they are safe and can help you quit, use tried-and-true methods to quit. A combination of counseling and medication gives you the best chance at success, according to smokefree.gov.

For the intellectual, start with writing a list of why you like and don’t like to smoke. Use these words as your mantra in quitting. Next, set a quit date and stick to it. Utilize your list daily and take stock in any habits of meditation or journaling to help. You can be successful.

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