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early-detection-of-breast-cancer-headerKnowing About Early Detection of Breast Cancer Can Help Save Your Life or the Life of a Loved One.

There is so much importance surrounding early detection of breast cancer. And the first step to detecting breast cancer early on is knowing what to look out for. Learn about early detection of breast cancer from the American Cancer Society and take care of yourself and loved ones even if it’s just learning about breast cancer risk factors.

The Importance of Early Detection

Early detection of breast cancer is important because it can find the cancer before patients have symptoms of breast cancer. Finding breast cancer early helps to better treat breast cancer because victims of can better remove cancerous cells before the disease spreads too much. Doctors always note that finding breast cancer early can save thousands of lives. Screenings such as tests and exams are the best way to find cancer in people who have no symptoms. Know your body, your risk factors, and follow the recommendations by the American Cancer Society to help improve the chances that breast cancer will be treated successfully.

Important Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

  • Age, gender, genetics, family history, personal history, race and ethnicity
  • Dense breast tissue
  • Started menstrual periods early in life or go through menopause later in life
  • Having kids after the age of 30 or having no children at all
  • Using birth control
  • Alcohol use and smoking cigarettes
  • Being overweight or obese after menopause

American Cancer Society Early Detection Recommendations

  • Women 40 and over should have a mammogram every year
  • Women in their 20s and in their 30s should have clinical breast exams as part of health exams by a professional every three years
  • Self-breast exams help play a role in early detection for women of all ages
  • Go to a facility that specializes in mammograms or is familiar with breast cancer prevention
  • Try not to schedule your mammogram before your period. Your breasts will be tender and swollen and you may experience more discomfort
  • Always tell your doctor about any abnormalities

Use these tips and important facts about early detection of breast cancer in the future.  For more information on early detection of breast cancer or any other questions you may have, visit Breastcancer.org or Cancer.org. 

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