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earthquake-makes-jason-biggs-feel-like-a-dad-headerFatherhood can shake things up in a home - literally!

Mothers feel an instant connection with their babies, usually before they're even out of the womb. With fathers, however, sometimes it take a little patience before they fully take on the role of 'daddy.' Actor Jason Biggs got to experience the "protective father/man of the house" fairly soon after bringing baby home.

Biggs and wife Jenny Mollen welcomed their first child, Sid Biggs, in February. Shortly after bringing him home from the hospital, Biggs' man of the house feelings were put to the test.

"L.A. had an earthquake and the whole house shook," Biggs said. "I was up with the baby and it kicked in...[a] take care of my family instinct that immediately happened."

The Orange Is The New Black star and his son have been trading smiles for weeks, but Biggs soon realized the smile may mean more him than Sid. 

"He's been smiling since birth but [it's] that 'Oh wow, he's smiling, he must think I'm funny,' but no, he s--t his pants. He's got gas, that's all that is," Biggs joked. 

Sid now smiles because he recognizes people or sees that his parents are doing something goofy, but Biggs hasn't heard his baby giggle just yet. 

Due to Biggs being out promoting the new season of Orange Is The New Black, he missed the first giggle fit.

"This is my first trip away from him and yesterday he put together a really long proper giggle," Biggs said. Luckily, his wife was there to witness the laughter. We're sure more are to come!

Biggs, who "melted" at the news of Sid letting out a laugh, explains that a mere mention of his baby boy triggers a sentimental side. "I talk about him and I don't realize there's always a smile on my face."

Photo Credit: PR Photos 

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