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east-coast-hit-with-traveling-blizzardThe record snow falls that hit Chicago have made their way to our nation's capital. Here are the details of this east coast blizzard.

Looks like those forced spending cuts by the government might be postponed for a bit. The Chicago record snowfalls have made their way to our nation's capital, literally shutting down government offices, school districts and businesses. Washington DC could potentially collect snow in the amount of 10 -12 inches, while West and Northern Virginia could be buried in as much as just shy of three feet. As the east coast continues to get dumped on, to make matters worse many have been without power. Upwards of 241,000 businesses and homes were lacking power in Maryland, Ohio, the Virginia's and District of Columbia.

The Effects of the East Coast Blizzard

  • Of course, with all the snow blanketing the east, hundreds of flight plans have been canceled, sending travelers to maxed out hotels or simply sleeping at the airport.

  • Federal government offices are closed in our nation's capital, yet telecommuters and emergency workers will still be working. In addition, several hearings by Congress have been postponed.

  • Nearly 1 million students spanning Maryland, Ohio, Virginia and Washington get to take the day off, sending the rest of our nation's children into jealousy (I know mine are)!

  • The scary part about this storm is that not only is the snow falling, but it will likely be combined with winds as high as 40 to 60 mph, making travel impossible and gravely dangerous.

  • As the snow melts, flood warnings have been issued for the coastal areas in the aforementioned states as well. The residents affected by Hurricane Sandy have especially been encouraged to evacuate.

  • In the meantime, the states in the Midwest are slowly digging themselves out, moving plows and covering the icy areas with salt to assist with safer travel. Air travel has resumed.

Having grown up in South Dakota, I remember well waking up bleary-eyed dreading a day of school only to find it had been cancelled. What ensued were pancakes and cheers as we headed out to dig snow forts. Are you or do you have relatives affected by the East Coast Blizzard? Tell us your stories on Facebook or Tweet us!

Photo Credit: CNN

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