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Easy & Inexpensive DIY Holiday Gifts

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easy-and-inexpensive-do-it-yourself-holiday-gifts-headerEnjoy gift giving this holiday season with these easy and inexpensive DIY gifts that will keep you within budget and please everyone on your list.

Christmas is the time of year to be spent with family eating, celebrating and exchanging gifts. It can also be a very stressful time of year due to the cost of buying gifts. Finding gifts that others will enjoy and trying to stay within your budget can be quite a task. To help you relax and enjoy the holidays, we have created a list of inexpensive do-it-yourself holiday gifts. The featured gifts are handmade and include a personalized touch.


irish-cream-with-whip-origHomemade Irish Cream Recipe

Most of us love receiving our favorite alcoholic beverage as a gift, but buying these gifts can be costly. However, making your own Irish cream at home is easy, inexpensive, and the result is quite delicious.

You Will Need

  • 2 tablespoons liquid chocolate syrup
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 pint table cream
  • 13 ounces Vodka

Once you have all the ingredients, mix in a blender. When you have finished mixing, put it in a decorative bottle or jar that you have at home or can find at many retailers.

Irish cream is a staple drink that many enjoy during the holidays. When it's mixed with coffee it makes a tasty adult beverage that is sure to delight. Enjoy!

Photo Block Display

If you would rather create and give a gift that can't be consumed, a photo box display is a gift that is easy to make and special, a way for people to showcase their personal pictures.

You Will Need

  • 12” long wood board
  • 1 small can of wood stain
  • 1 package of ornament hooks
  • Pliers
  • Drill
  • Hot glue
  • Cardstock paper
  • Upholstery tacks

Start by staining the wood and letting it dry. Once dry, use a small drill to drill holes on the top of the wood. You can drill as many holes as you would like. Next, use the pliers to straighten out the end of the ornament hooks and place the hot glue on the end of the hooks. Place the ornament hooks with the hot glue on the end in the holes on top of the wood and let dry.

After you have the board ready, print any message you would like on the cardstock paper. You can put the last name of the person receiving the gift, "Happy Holidays," anything you would like! Then, simply place the completed cardstock paper on the front of the wood board and secure with the upholstery tacks.

The finished product is a beautiful and personalized wood picture box, a great easy-to-make and inexpensive holiday gift.

Monogrammed Tile Coasters

Yet another great gift that is easy to make yourself are monogrammed coasters.

You Will Need

  • Scissors
  • Mod podge
  • Pen
  • Sponge paint brush
  • Glue
  • Cork
  • 4 4x4 porous tiles
  • Lighter
  • Monogrammed stickers
  • Scrapbook paper

First, clean off the tile and let dry, then trace the tile on the scrapbook paper and cut it out. Burn the edges of the paper with the lighter and make sure all ashes are removed. Then, paint the mod podge on the back of the paper with the sponge paint brush and place on the front, porous side of the tile. Make sure all sides are completely glued down with the mod podge. Once dry, add the cork to the bottom corners, cut to fit. To finish it off add the monogrammed stickers for a personal touch.

Christmas does not have to be expensive and stressful. It is possible to make great gifts that you are happy to give while financially staying within your comfort zone.


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