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Whether you have a date night, special occasion or party, you always want to look your best! But, we all have these questions working against us: How much eyeshadow do I wear? What color lipstick looks best on me? What powder is best, loose or packed?

Becky Hill, Makeup artist at Blue Mercury, gives us some simple makeup tips that will answer your questions!

Easy and Simple Makeup Tips

  • You always want fresh, glowy skin no matter the occasion. 
  • A pop of lip color always freshens up your look.
  • If you choose to wear a bright lipstick, keep your eye shadow more subtle. You don't want the two competing with each other.
  • Dramatic liner pairs well with subtle eye color.
  • Never be afraid to use mascara.
  • Always have your eyebrows looking tame.

Remember, creating a perfected look doesn't require a pound of makeup. For whatever reason, most of us have this notion that to obtain a perfected makeup look we need a ton of makeup. But, all you really need is some lipstick, a subtle eye color and some mascara to make a complete look. 

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