Easy Beach MakeupThink "less is more" when it comes to beach makeup.

You can achieve a bronzed, beach glow without applying layers of cream and blush. Wearing less makeup in the summertime and in hot climates decreases your chances of breaking out, clogging your pores, and being hot. So, your beach makeup should be like an illusion - as if you have none on. You can wear makeup that looks very natural using this easy beach makeup routine, thus creating a beach glow with minimal effort.

iStock 000032344528SmallEasy Bronzy Beach Makeup

  1. Whether you have oily or dry skin, apply a thin layer of moisturizer.
  2. Apply SPF to protect your skin from the sun no matter what shade you are. Next, apply a tinted moisturizer or BB cream (with your hands). You want to opt for something light weight. A foundation is going to be too heavy, and with the sun beaming, it’ll slide right off anyway. Rubbing it and smoothing it over your face with your hands makes for a smooth and natural application. You want an even thin layer versus a thick layer applied with a brush. You can even mix your moisturizer in this step.
  3. If you can avoid applying concealer, then do. But if you have some blemishes that must be covered, apply concealer where it’s needed now.
  4. Set with finishing powder by using a makeup sponge. Sweep excess powder off with a powder brush.
  5. Bronzer and beach makeup go hand in hand. Apply bronzer right below the cheek bones with a contour brush. Add to the temples areas of the forehead (on each side of the forehead, between the brows and hair line downward to the cheek bones). Dust on the eyelids.
  6. Apply a soft blush to the apples of the cheeks. Pink, coral or peach.
  7. *Optional - Add a body shimmer to the neck area and also right on the high points of the cheeks for a glow. For a little extra glow, you can use your finger to dab that shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes.
  8. Now, add waterproof mascara and your lip color. You can go for a nude or for a pop of color. Glosses work well just as do lip tars that will stain the lip and won’t go anywhere. It’s summer, so corals, pinks, and light reds should be your pick.

No need to reapply anything once you leave for the beach. If anything fades, let it fade. Now that's a beach-ready face! 

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