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easy-diy-party-favors-for-kids-headerGive your little guests something fun for the road with these easy DIY favors. 

If you think back to your childhood, you probably remember one major thing about birthday parties - goodie bags. They were the best part about going home after the party. Nowadays, kids gift bags can be pretty pricy, especially if you're looking to go outside the box. Thankfully, we've got just the right ideas for creative moms who'd like to offer party favors that kids can make on their own!

Noisemakers: Yes, they're every parents worst nightmare, but for whatever reason (if not just to annoy the parents), kids love them. Grab a popsicle stick, hole punch, a piece of strong cardboard, string and a few buttons and you've got yourself an easy kids craft that they can make during the party and take home with them. 

Bubbles: If you're not the crafty type, let the computer do the work for you. Get pre-made bubbles from your local dollar store and customize the label. You can make one for each party guest or write a fun slogan for the birthday boy or girl. 

Box Sets: Craft stores often have photo boxes on sale for very low prices, so stock up when you see them. Put your party favors into the box so when the kids get home, they have storage for their items instead of just throwing your party favor bag in the garbage. 

Party Hats: Getting creative is an easy way to keep kids entertained for awhile while you get food on the table. Give them a craft table with construction paper, glue, pipe cleaner, glitter, and whatever else you have, and let them decorate their own party hats. It's simple and allows them to be creative and design something on their own. 

Custom Coloring Books: If you have the time, find coloring pages that match the theme of the party - beach, pirate, etc. Have a printing store (or use your personal computer) print these photos and put them together for a homemade coloring book. 

Personalized Candy: Plenty of candy companies will write tiny messages on your child's favorite candy. Or, get a candy bar and make your own wrapping label. You can also leave it blank and let the kids decorate their own.  

Butterfly Snacks: Fill a 1/2 sandwich size plastic baggie with your child's favorite snack. Paint a clothespin and glue two short pieces of pipe cleaner to the top as "feelers." Use two small white or black dots for butterfly eyes. Pin the pipe cleaner in the middle of the bag for an adorable butterfly snack pack!

Playdough: You can make tons of playdough at home before the kids even arrive. Use different colors and mix and match to provide each kid with a baggie of playdough to take home. 

Candy Skewers: Instead of giving each kid a bag of candy, give them a variety by placing gummy candies on a skewer. You can get the sticks at a craft or candy making store for pretty cheap. Place a candy bag over the top and tie it off with ribbon that matches the party theme. 

Throwing a party is expensive. Creating fun party favors that your guests will love doesn't have to be. What have you done for your kids' parties? Share with the rest of us! 

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