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  • Celery Sticks

    Celery Sticks

    Add salt to celery sticks (gives flavor definition) and dip them in almond or peanut butter (plenty of brands have gluten-free options).



  • Frozen Grapes

    Frozen Grapes

    Grapes are an easy grab and go fruit, and popping them in the freezer beforehand gives them a very unique texture so you feel like you’re getting a juicy, icy treat. These also can be a healthy and light substitute for when you're craving ice cream. 



  • Hard Boiled Eggs

    Hard Boiled Eggs

    Hard boiled eggs are easy because they can be prepared a few days in advance. When you’re feeling the need for a quick bite, grab one or two and snack away! They're tasty and a great source of quick protein. 

  • Sunflower Seeds

    Sunflower Seeds

    You can buy pre-seasoned seeds at the grocery store or buy plain seeds and make your own mixture. To begin, whisk an egg and add whatever spices you’d like. Then, add in the plain seeds and make sure they’re fully coated with your seasoning mixture. Bake at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes and enjoy. Another great option is layering a cracker with avocado and sprinkling sunflower seeds on top. 

  • Pickles


    As long as the pickles are made with a corn-based vinegar, you’re good to go. Pickles are great to satisfy the need for saltiness with a crunch. Mixing them with some olives, artichokes and cheese makes for a tasty antipasto. 

  • Edamame


    Warm up a bowl of edamame, salted or plain, and snack away. You can eat a lot for just a few calories. Be cautious if you add soy sauce, though, because it may contain gluten. 

  • Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet Potatoes

    Add salt, cinnamon, and sugar for a light side dish. Slice them up, drizzle with a little salt and oil, and bake for sweet potato fries. You can utilize sweet potatoes into various recipes to make a filling meal as well. 

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