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Photo Credits: April Schallau

Moms make us feel special every day so in honor of Mother’s Day, make your mom feel extra special with a homemade Mother’s Day card. If you’re just a beginner at crafting, making a card from scratch can be overwhelming. but this DIY tutorial is so easy and can be used for other occasions like birthdays or showers! 

Mothers Day Card 1

What You’ll Need 

  • Pink patterned craft paper 
  • Plain white paper 
  • Colored markers 
  • 3D butterfly decals 
  • Mason jar stamp 
  • Flower stamps 
  • Black ink 
  • “Happy Mother’s Day” stamp
  • Yellow patterned craft paper 
  • Glue 


  1. Cut your pink patterned paper vertically and fold in half to create a vertical card. 
  2. Press your mason jar into the black ink and press it onto your plain white paper. 
  3. Next, press your flower stamps into the black ink and press into the mason jar so it looks like the mason jar is holding the flowers. 
  4. Color in the flowers and stems and cut out. Mothers Day Card 4
  5. Glue to the front of the pink paper and allow to dry. 
  6. Add a couple 3D butterfly decals on the card. Mothers Day Card 2
  7. Cut out a small square from your yellow paper and press the “Happy Mother’s Day” stamp into the black ink and glue that to the front of the mason jar. 
  8. Then, write whatever message you want to write to your mom! Although, this card speaks volumes, we think! Mothers Day Card 3


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